8 03 2012

Global Investment In Viable Entrepreneurship (GIIVE) is a student organization based at the University of Toronto whose mandate is to use and promote innovative methods of aid to contribute to the global fight against poverty while supporting entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability in the Global South.

We seek to alleviate global poverty primarily through the promotion of one unique strategy: microfinance. This involves providing basic financial services, such as loans and credit, to those who would not normally have access to such services. Our focus – to combine entrepreneurial ventures, sustainable development and small-denominational loans as opposed to traditional lump-sum donations – is what makes GIIVE different from traditional aid organizations. We also aim to collaborate closely with other similar organizations to streamline funds and create an impact that is exponential!

Our organization encourages the local community to play a more active role in the fight against poverty by funding financial services and other sustainable projects to improve the quality of life of those living in the Global South. Salient examples include educational scholarships, agricultural and industrial development, employment opportunities, and access to energy needs.

We finally aim to promote microfinance by participating in academic conferences and university events and hosting meetings and campus events to introduce and spread information regarding global poverty, microfinance and other innovative financial methods used to help ameliorate the lives of those in the Global South. Part in parcel with encouraging sustainable ventures while promoting entrepreneurship throughout the world is our aim to promote transparency, accountability and strong ties with our partners around the globe.