GIIVE has contributed over $5000 to over 120 microloans.

We have been able to make an impact around the globe, such as helping to develop greater transportation capabilities, implement sustainable energy solutions and funding telecommunications markets in various high-poverty regions around the world. Whether it is a school in Kampala, Uganda that needs electric lighting or an entrepreneur in Lima, Paraguay who needs a loan so that he can expand his cement company to build commercial buildings nearby, we aim to use microfinance to help low-income entrepreneurs better their communities.

Unlike traditional donations, microfinance allows entrepreneurs that do not have access to fiscal capital to take out loans and develop regional businesses and markets. The resulting commercial success of these entrepreneurs then promotes economic growth in regions suffering from chronic poverty. GIIVE emphasizes sustainable development and aims to support entrepreneurs that will be able to contribute to their region with their investments.

With microfinance, even a small donation can make a big difference. Click HERE to help GIIVE fund entrepreneurs around the world with an online donation or mail any donations to:

Global Investment in Viable Entrepreneurship
c/o The University of Toronto Students’ Union
12 Hart House Circle
Mailbox 23
Toronto, ON
M5S 3J9